Supporting the Uxbridge Half Marathon and Uxbridge Cottage Hospital

Uxbridge Half Marathon
Uxbridge Half Marathon 2012 – Raising funds to support the Uxbridge Cottage Hospital

Uxbridge Family Dentistry is excited to announce that Dr. Michael Banh and his brother, Dr. Vi Tu Banh (Uxbridge Optometrist), have donated $5000 as GOLD SPONSORS for this year’s Uxbridge Half Marathon!!!

Dr. Michael Banh was born at the Uxbride Cottage Hospital, so it is with great pride that he is able to support this integral cornerstone of the community.  Both brothers are active runners and have participated in previous Uxbridge Half Marathons.

This charitable event is organized by the  Uxbridge Cottage Hospital Auxiliary, with assistance from the Greater Uxbridge Road Runners and the Gorgons.  Net  proceeds of the event go directly towards funding for equipment, technology, renovations, special projects and a sustained emergency department for the Uxbridge Cottage Hospital.  The focus this year is to raise funds specifically for the purchase of a new ultrasound unit.

“I encourage local residents to volunteer to help with this race as a way to support their Hospital Foundation” enthused Nancy Emo, President of the Hospital Auxiliary.  “I know Katharine Shepherd (race director) and her team work exceptionally hard every year to plan and present this event, and the community sees direct benefit from its fundraising, which goes towards new equipment such as the new diagnostic imaging machines purchased last year”.

The event this year will be held on Sunday, April 22, 2012 at Wooden Sticks.  For more information about how to participate in and/or support the race, please visit

Happy Running!

– Dr. Michael Banh


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