Presale Tickets

The Million Dollar Hole In One

Presale Tickets

The Rotary Club of Uxbridge will be holding it’s 9th annual Million Dollar Hole In One event from Wed, Sept 5 to Sun, Sept 9 at the Little Sticks Driving range on Elgin Park Drive in Uxbridge.  In addition to the $1,000,000 namesake prize, there are over 80+ other prizes to be won at the event, including the GRAND PRIZE which Dr. Michael Banh and his brother, Dr. Vi Tu Banh, have sponsored – an all expenses paid golfing weekend for two at a major resort in Muskoka!

How To Win:

Step 1: Come and compete on any or ALL of the 5 days of the event from Sept 5-9, 2012

Each day the participants attempt to hit golf balls to a flag in a regulation golf hole on a green 100 yards away.  From each of the 5 days of the event (including the Special Challenge Days), the top 10 players who hit closest to the hole are ALL 10 daily qualifiers are guaranteed to win a prize AND are invited to the semifinals on Sunday, September 9 in the afternoon. Players can qualify multiple times if they reach the top 10 on multiple days of the competition – The more times you qualify for the semifinals, the more chances you get in the next round.

Step 2: The Semifinals – Sept 9, 2012

The 50 semifinalists will be given 3 balls (for each time they qualified) from 160 yards.  The six closest to the pin will become eligible for the final round where they can win the $1,000,000!  If a semifinalist gets a hole-in-one with their first, second, or third ball at this stage, they will win a 2013 SUBARU OUTBACK courtesy of C&C Motors Whitby, a $40000 in-ground pool from Jones Pools, or $10000 golfing vacation in Scotland courtesy of Ian Morrison, respectively.

Step 3: The Finals – Sept 9, 2012

The six closest shots in the semi finals qualify for the FINAL round in which each finalist hits ONE ball from a new location, but still 160 yards from the pin.  If a finalist scores a hole-in-one, they will receive $1,000,000 to be paid in annual $50,000 installments over 20 years.  The closest to the pin from the 6 final shots will win the GRAND PRIZE GOLF WEEKEND.

Million Dollar Hole In One

This is one of the biggest fundraisers for the Rotary Club of Uxbridge, which supports many community groups and organizations such as the The Uxbridge Public Library, The Uxbridge Cottage Hospital, The Youth Centre, the food bank, Precious Minds, and Africyle,  (just to name a few).  Pre-sale tickets are available for purchase at Dr. Michael Banh’s office or from any Rotary Club member.

For complete details and rules, visit

Please support this event and all the good that Rotary does.  Good Luck!!!

– Dr. Michael Banh


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