Ringing in 2014 with new Belmont dental chairs

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.
                                                                – Ernest Hemingway

No matter how excellent a job we think we are doing, our practice is constantly trying to improve.  We decided this year to take a giant leap and upgrade four of our existing dental chairs with brand new ones that offer our patients nothing short of the best in comfort and elegance.  Our main criteria for selecting a new chair was patient comfort to help make dental appointments as relaxing as possible.  After trying out several different brands and models, we finally decided on the Quolis 5000, the premier line of dental chairs manufactured by a Japanese company called Belmont.

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Belmont has been manufacturing dental chairs for over 38 years, and is known for producing some of the most reliable equipment in the industry.  The amount of detail and precision that they put in their products is evident once you sit in the Quolis 5000.  The Ultraleather upholstery feels like a soft satin to the touch, with a very responsive type of cushioning memory foam – I even noticed the difference just sitting in the operator’s stool.

Bel-Halo LED light

We chose to upgrade our lights to the Bel-Halo LED lights, which uses less energy and produces less heat, and also happens to look beautiful.   We opted for the ceiling mounted versions of the lights in the dental operatories as it is useful in positioning for oral surgery where we are often standing to perform the procedures.

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We have yet to finalize the colour of the chairs in the hygiene operatories – K-Dental was kind enough to give us loaner upholstery so that we could make a final decision later. Thank you to K-Dental for their consultation and expert installation services throughout the process.

We are very excited to usher in 2014 with brand new equipment that will not only help us to serve our patients better, but will also improve their experiences in our office.

Happy New Year!

– Dr. Michael Banh, Uxbridge Family Dentistry


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